Dysphagia :from assessment to discharge[videorecording]

  • Publish: [Eau Claire, WI] :Taiwan : PESI Education ;銀髮文化 2016.
  • 出版年: 2016
  • sb: Deglutition Disorders therapy. , Deglutition Disorders , Deglutition Disorders diagnosis. , Deglutition disorders. , diagnosis. , therapy.
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  • ab: Dysphagia is a serious condition affecting the quality of life of children and adults. With no treatment or inadequate treatment, Dysphagia can be a life-threatening condition. With increasing knowledge and understanding of the swallowing mechanism, exercise principles and Dysphagia in general, we can better serve and rehabilitate our patients with Dysphagia. In this informative and practical program, Tiffani L. Wallace, MA, CCC-SLP, MBSlmP Registered Clinician, presents concepts that are essential to effective dysphagia management. With an emphasis on exercise-based treatment, Tiffani will guide you through a comprehensive discussion. Tiffani brings years of diversified clinical and educational experience to her presentation and has been sharing her dysphagia knowledge online for several years.
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