Acland's DVD Atlas Of Human Anatomy[Robert D. Acland, FECS@@videorecording]

  • Publish: New York : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins c2004.
  • 出版年: 2004
  • sb: Head , Head anatomy & histology , Neck anatomy & histology , anatomy & histology , Neck
  • ps: 英語發音 公播授權書(v10002-041) DVD1:The Upper Extremity DVD2:The Lower Extremity DVD3:The Trunk DVD4:The Head and Neck Part 1 DVD5:The Head and Neck Part 2 DVD6:The Internal Organs
  • ab: These DVDs show you true images of real, exquisitely dissected human anatomicalspecimens, in three dimensions. As the camera moves from one viewpoint to another, the specimen appears to rotate in space, letting the viewer experience it as a three-dimensional object
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